Cherry Blossom Drop Necklace

Cherry Blossom Drop Necklace

This pretty necklace is an easy to make project that allows you to master basic wire wrapping techniques. 

Unfortunately the rhodolite garnet featured in the photo is currently unavailable, within the shopping list for this project we have chosen our ruby beads instead which would also look lovely.

Step By Step Instructions 

First take your Sterling Silver Chain and find the centre, using a pair of round nose pliers wrap the Sterling Silver 0.3MM Wire to attach the Cherry Blossom Charm to the centre link of the chain.

Next count out 10 links from the centre piece and again using the round nose pliers and Sterling Silver 0.3mm wire attach a Briolette Bead and repeat this 10 links out the other side of the centre point. 

Then using the same technique attach your last Briolette Bead to the bottom of the Cherry Blossom Charm.

There you have your finished item! 

Suggested Tools For This Project 


Round Nose Pliers 

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The Encyclopedia Of Wire Jewellery Techniques - Sara Withers

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