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Mystic Topaz Sterling Silver Twist Ring

Mystic Topaz Sterling Silver Twist Ring

This beautiful ring involves getting creative with twisting silver! This project is great if you want to start using basic silversmithing techniques too.

Step by step instructions

Firstly, decide on the size of the ring that you want. Our tip is to wrap a thin strip of paper or thread around a ring the correct size then you can measure the length of the silver that you need.

You can order sterling silver wire from us in any length, cut per cm. 

This ring involves twisting two lengths of wire to form the ring. We have used 0.6mm sterling silver wire and used a ring clamp (although you could use anything else that works) to hold the two lengths of wire in place.

Then using snipe nose jewellery pliers, wrap the wire around itself so it gradually twists. Be patient as it will suddenly take shape and look lovely!

When you have finished twisting the wire you are ready to solder the ring together.

Now you are ready to solder on the snaptite setting. We'd recommend using extra easy or easy solder as snaptites require a lower temperature. We sell extra easy solder strips or easy solder paste.

We recommend that when holding the snaptite setting with reverse action tweezers you hold only one claw gently so you don't overheat the claws, as this will affect the tension that keeps the stone in place.

Once the ring has been soldered you can set the stone into the snaptite setting which couldn't be easier. Simply place the faceted stone face down (flat side down) onto a firm surface such as a magazine placed on your work surface. 

Place the mount over the stone and apply gentle pressure to 'click' the stone into place. Check that the claws are firmly in place - it may be necessary to gently adjust the claws to ensure a secure fit.

Your ring is now complete! Stacking rings are very popular at the moment so you could make several rings in your own style using different metals and stones.

Suggested tools for this project

Jewellers Gas Torch - ideal for the type of soldering associated with jewellery making and the small flame makes it particularly suited for soldering small pieces, such as jump rings or chains

Soldering Block - an essential provides a safe surface on which to solder and keeps the heat exactly where you want it

Soldering Paste - very simple to use as there is no need for extra flux as it is already mixed in with the paste!

Soldering Poker - Ideal for manipulating solder and metals whilst heating

Insulated Reverse Action Tweezers - these are great to help support tricky pieces during the soldering process and the wooden insulated handles mean they can be handled directly afterwards without risking burning yourself

Plastic Tweezers - essential for inserting and removing items from a pickle bath

Safety Pickle- an essential product for removing the fire-stain caused by heat during soldering.

Customise Your Kit

Make the design your own by using your favourite faceted stones.

Helpful Pages

Soldering Tool Kit - containing everything you need

Silversmithing & Soldering Advice Pages & Tutorials

Jewellery Making Books

'The New Encyclopedia of Jewellery Making' by Jinks McGrath

'The Art Of Soldering For Jewellery Makers: Techniques & Projects' by Wing Mun Devenney

'Jewellery Making: A Complete Course for Beginners'by Jinks McGrath

The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques'

Kernowcraft's jewellery making kits are aimed to inspire you - therefore the step by step instructions are available online only with a shopping list, where you can easily customise the design to suit you. We recommend printing or bookmarking this page ready to follow.

The suggested products used in this project are suggestions to inspire you. Products used were compatible at the time of making but do be aware that gemstones are natural and hand cut stocks can vary, so do use your own common sense as to the compatibility of each item when making.

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