Ocean Agate Geometric Necklace

Ocean Agate Geometric Necklace

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Nicola joined us for a weeks work experience recently and whilst experimenting with wirework techniques she made this beautiful ocean agate geometric necklace.

Step by step instructions:

Start by cutting the 1mm sterling silver wire into the seven lengths you will require using heavy duty side cutters. You will need = one length 18cm, two lengths 12cm and four lengths 8cm. 

To make the geometric shapes use snipe nose jewellery pliers to form bends in the wire, round nose jewellery pliers to create loops at the top of the shapes then nylon coated jaw pliers to straighten the wire. 

When shaping, you will need to make the largest geometric shape approx 4cm in length, two geometric shapes approx 3.5cm in length, two geometric shapes approx 2.5cm in length and two square shapes approx 2cm in length which hang in the 3.5cm geometric shapes. (Our shopping list has allowed a little extra wire if needed) 

Use side cutters to cut a few short lengths of 0.3mm sterling wires; you can cut more as you need them. Using wire wrapping techniques, wrap the 0.3mm sterling silver wire around the two 3.5cm geometric shapes, as seen in the picture. 

Using three of the 8mm frosted beads wire wrap them to the smallest and largest geometric shapes, as seen in the picture.

Once you have made all of your geometric shapes you are ready to piece your necklace together. Start by finishing one end of the flex write wire (so you don't have to worry about the beads falling off the other end!) by threading it through a 2x2mm sterling silver crimp, a sterling silver 5mm soldered jump ring, then back through the crimp and using magical crimping pliers, create a neat little bead.

Now you can thread on your frosted agate beads and geometric shapes.

To finish your necklace, thread on another 2x2mm sterling silver crimp, a sterling silver carribiner clasp then back through the crimp and using magical crimping pliers as before, create a neat little bead.

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Suggested tools for this project

Side cutters - for cutting metal wire, headpins etc. with minimum effort

Heavy Duty Side Cutters - for cutting thicker metal wire

Double Nylon Jaw Flat Nose Pliers - ideal for working with wire whilst preventing your wire from scratches and dents

Round nose pliers - for bending loops in wire

Snipe nose pliers - for bending metal sheet and wire

Magical crimping pliers - fantastic pliers which quickly transform 2x2mm sterling silver crimps into little round beads 

Books which may interest you

'The Encyclopedia of Wire Jewellery Techniques' by Sara Withers

'The Basics of Bead Stringing' by Debbie Kanan

'Beading Design' by Kim Glover

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