Gemstone Bar Necklace

Gemstone Bar Necklace

This popular and stylish gemstone bar necklace is one of three Mollie Makes magazine specials!

This design is nice and easy to create and takes minimal tools. It is a great project to practice basic wire wrapping skills and working with beads. 

We have chosen to use our tourmaline chip beads as we love the array of complimentary colours on the strand and the way the chip style works with the design. However this design is so versatile that any style bead can work. Browse our large collection of gemstone beads to choose your favourite. If you do decide to use another bead style, remember to ensure your wire size is appropriate. 

Step By Step Instructions

Find the half way point in your chain and cut it in half using side cutters. For this design we have used our sterling silver mini belcher chain, however you can choose any of our chains from our collection.

Next, take about 10cm of 0.5mm round wire and use round nose pliers to form a loop about 2cm down from one end. 

Thread one side of the chain into the loop and then create a tight neat coil with the wire by wrapping the shorter bit around the longer bit. For detailed step by step instruction with images on how to wire wrap a bead click here.

Now you need to thread your gemstone beads onto the wire, being mindful of the order you would like them in.

When threading your beads leave enough wire on the other end (about 2cm) to complete the necklace.

Using the same process as before wire wrap the rest of the wire onto the other side of the chain. 

Your necklace is now finished! Wear on it's own for a simple elegant look or layer up with other necklaces. You could also make this design into a bracelet by using a bracelet sized chain (19cm). 

Suggested Tools For This Make

Side Cutters

Round Nose Pliers

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