Gallery Wire Sterling Silver Rings

Gallery Wire Sterling Silver Rings

This ring couldn't be simpler to make. It doesn't involve any silversmithing techniques so is perfect for a beginner. The components as a kit would also make a great gift for someone who is new to jewellery making.

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Step by step instructions

The beauty of this gallery wire ring setting is that it's so easy to set. As you can see in the image, we supply both round and oval settings, but the process in making is exactly the same.

Simple choose your gemstone cabochon of choice in the same size as your gallery wire ring setting - either oval 14x10mm, 8mm round or 12mm round. 

Place the cabochon gemstone into the setting then using a bezel rocker, gently push the gallery wire claws over the stone working from all sides, gently rocking back and forth with downward pressure until the stone is secured. 

Unlike regular bezel settings, there's no need for filing or polishing. You have the option of soldering the band closed if you prefer. 

You can choose your own 14x10mm oval, 8mm round or 12mm round cabochon from our range of gemstone cabochons. (Please note, these aren't suitable for setting with our drusy flat plates or shell cabochons as these tend to be quite flat).

Suggested tools for this project

Bezel rocker - this tool is essential for rolling the bezel over a stone and helps to prevent any creases or unsightly marks in the metal

Books which may interest you

Stonesetting for Contemporary Jewellery Makers by Melissa Hunt

The New Encyclopedia of Jewellery Making Techniques by Jinks McGrath

The Encyclopedia of Wire Jewellery Techniques by Sara Withers

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