Ethiopian Pebble Earstuds

Ethiopian Pebble Earstuds

This is a really simple project that you will have finished and ready to wear in about 20 minutes. No prior jewellery making experience is needed and you don't really need any specialist tools. You will finish with a unique pair of earstuds and will be able to use this technique to make more designs using other rough gems or cabochons in other colours. We have lots of rough gems available in different gemstones, you can browse these here. If you are using a larger stone you may prefer to use an earstud with a slightly larger pad

Step by Step Instructions

Check the stones fit over the flat pads of the earstuds. They will most likely be fine but should you find they stick out around the stone you can file the metal down slightly with a file or sanding sticks. You probably will not need to do this as we have selected a 4mm pad earstud which should be small enough to be hidden by the stone. 

Slightly roughen the flat pad using a sanding sheet this will give the glue something to adhere too.

Prepare the glue by mixing equal amounts of the resin and hardener (you can do this on a scrap piece of cardboard or plastic). Once mixed, the glue sets in 5 minutes so ensure you set the stones straight away.

We suggest supporting your earring posts in a piece of blue tack on your desk while glueing the stones in place. Use a fine point such as a cocktail stick to dab a little glue onto the flat pad of the earstud and then gently place the Ethiopian nugget on top. Leave to dry until the glue is fully set and then they're ready to wear!

Suggested tools for this project

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Glue - For super-fast, high-strength, high-quality bonds

Sanding sheet - useful to rough up the pieces you are glueing to give the glue something to adhere onto

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