Cherry Blossom Pendant

Cherry Blossom Pendant

This pendant is simple but elegant and gives you the opportunity to try out some basic silversmithing techniques.

Ready-made bezel settings are great time savers and make trying stone setting for the first time much easier. We have chosen the beautiful and flashy opal cabochons to be the feature gemstone in this pendant, but you can make your own choice of stone from our large selection of cabochon stones.

We've also included a delicate hayseed chain with this kit for you to hang the pendant on, for more detailed images of this chain click here.

Step by step instructions

Firstly, bend the silver wire into a teardrop shape, you can do this with your hands first to get the initial shape then neaten it up using snipe nose pliers. You want the two ends to form the point at the top.

Use a flat needle file to taper one of the ends of wire - you want it so it has a nice close fit against the other end.

Now you’re ready to solder the join. Put the shape flat on a solder block and add a small amount of hard solder paste on the join (about 2 pin heads should be enough) then heat with a blowtorch until the solder melts.

You should heat the metal around the join first before directing the flame to the solder.

Put in the safety pickle after soldering.

Remove from pickle with plastic tweezers then use a fine needle file to smooth off any excess solder.

Now you have the shape made, you now need to solder on the cherry blossom charm and the bezel cup.

To get the charm ready use shears to remove the small hoop and then file until the edge is smooth.

Place the teardrop shape on the solder block then place the charm in the curve of the wire so the edge of the charm is touching the bottom edge of the wire teardrop.

Add small amounts of medium solder paste to where the two pieces touch as well as to the bottom of the bezel cup, which then needs to be placed on top of the cherry blossom charm where you want it positioned.

You can then heat and solder both bits at the same time.

Pickle after soldering.

Remove any excess solder with a needle file.

Next solder a jump ring onto the top point of the teardrop. You can use medium solder paste again for this - you may want to use reverse action tweezers to help hold the ring in place when soldering.

Repeat pickling and neaten.

Now you’re ready to set your stone. Place your chosen stone in the bezel cup (you can use a small amount of epoxy glue under the stone to give it extra security).

Once in place use a pusher to gently push the sides of the cup over the stone. Start by doing opposite sides then work your way around the whole stone, take your time doing this you don’t want to let the pusher slip and damage your stone.

Once finished you should have an even border around your stone holding it in place, if the pusher has left any marks you can use fine wet & dry paper to remove any scratches before polishing.

To finish, polish by hand or put in a metal tumble polisher. (Be aware not all stones are suitable for tumble polishing, for example softer & porous stones can damage)

All you need to do now is hang the pendant on the chain and you’re pendant is ready to wear!

Suggested tools for this project

Jewellers Gas Torch - ideal for the type of soldering associated with jewellery making and the small flame makes it particularly suited for soldering small pieces, such as jump rings or chains

Soldering Block - an essential provides a safe surface on which to solder and keeps the heat exactly where you want it

Soldering Paste - very simple to use as there is no need for extra flux as it is already mixed in with the paste!

Soldering Poker - Ideal for manipulating solder and metals whilst heating

Insulated Reverse Action Tweezers - these are great to help support tricky pieces during the soldering process and the wooden insulated handles mean they can be handled directly afterwards without risking burning yourself

Plastic Tweezers - essential for inserting and removing items from a pickle bath

Safety Pickle - an essential product for removing the fire-stain caused by heat during soldering.

Pliers & cutters - for shaping and cutting wire 

Needle Files - for smoothing metal edges and removing excess solder.

Pusher - for setting stones in place

Customise Your Kit

Make the design your own by using your favourite jewellery supplies.

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Helpful Pages

Read silversmithing advice and follow tutorials

Jewellery Making Books

The Encyclopedia Of Wire Jewellery Techniques - Sara Withers

Design & Make: Mounting And Setting Stones - Sonia Cheadle

The Art Of Soldering For Jewellery Makers: Techniques And Projects - Wing Mun Devenney

The suggested products used in this project are suggestions to inspire you. Products used were compatible at the time of making but do be aware that gemstones are natural and hand cut stocks can vary, so do use your own common sense as to the compatibility of each item when making.

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