Bracelet Pack

Bracelet Pack

Stack them up for a beach chic vibe or if you want to be super organised make one for each of your friends for their birthdays in the year ahead! 

These bracelets are super easy to make with our great range of coloured cords and a mixture of stone and metal beads. They are also great for personalising with your own twist - we have chosen to us Turquoise, black Agate and Drusy, but the choice of gemstone is yours! This goes for beads and choice of cord as well.

Step By Step Instructions

The threaded bead bracelet (the one top of the pile):

Cut two pieces of Cotton Cord to around 18cm - or to your desired length (remember that the crimp ends will add a little extra length).

Thread the beads of your choice on to your cord. 

Using your round nose pliers attach a jump ring to both of the Sterling Silver clasp ends . Before closing your second jump ring attach the Silver caribiner clasp. For more information on opening and closing jump rings Click Here.

Finally, crimp your Sterling Silver clasp ends on to the ends of cord using a pair of magical crimping pliers.

Set Gemstone Bracelets

Cut your Cotton Cords in to two (aprox) 7cm lengths - or the length you desire your bracelet to be (don't forget to incorporate both the crimp ends and stone setting when measuring).

Using a pair of round nose pliers attach a Sterling Silver clasp end and a jump ring to each end of cord.

On one you will need to add a Sterling Silver caribiner clasp.

Next, join two of the cord ends to the connector setting by closing the jump rings around the settings loops.  This completes the full loop of the bracelet. 

Finally, set your cabochon stone in to your setting using Devcon epoxy glue to secure it in place. For more information on using Devcon epoxy glue for stone setting Click Here

The Gemstone Disc Bracelet

Following the initial stages of the previous bracelet - cut the cord into two halves and attach Crimp Ends to both ends.

Attach a jump ring to two of the crimp ends, add a Sterling Silver Caribiner Clasp in with one of them 

Next, take your Silver Wire thread it through one of the Crimp Ends and form a loop to close it on to the crimp end using your round nose pliers thread your large agate bead and bend the wire in to a loop again around the crimp end to close it on. 

Repeat these steps for each bracelet you want to make, once you have made one of each you will be on a roll and wont want to stop. 

Suggested Tools For This Project 

Round Nose Pliers

Flat nose Pliers 



Magical Crimping Pliers

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