Working With Amoracast Eternity Design Frames

Amoracast design frames are a great starting point for some really beautiful jewellery designs.

With holes running in a channel around the diameter, each hole will take up to a 1mm wire or thread.

The idea of the channel is to prevent your beads from slipping off the outside of the frame which is also weight balanced so will sit correctly once your design has been completed.

Other benefits from having the channel is that it will hide unsightly crimps, knots and wire wraps from view giving a more professional look to your creations.

Amoracast have supplied some design examples as well as a great video about working with these design frames which are featured in this blog.

We have also created a few design examples ourselves... we couldn't resist having a play!

Click here to browse our all findings category where our range of eternity design frames are listed .

Eternity Design Frames- An Introduction From Amoracast.

We have created a few different designs using the eternity frames... 

Using the oval shape frame we have strung the beads around the edge of the frame creating a pretty and almost classic looking pendant.
There are so many great ways to personalise this look for example, different coloured beads, using gemstones beads that represent family birthstones, using a variation of small sizes and shapes and layering up! To browse our gemstone beads for inspiration click here.

Using the teardrop shape frame we have simply hung a beautiful labradorite heart shaped briolette within the middle of the frame.
To add to this design you could incorporate different colour threads around the edge of the frame, add gemstone briolettes to the bottom of the frame, or again add beads around the edge. To browse our range of gemstone briolettes click here.

Using the circular shape frame we have gone for a dreamcatcher inspired design. We used 0.3mm wire and our apatite rondelle beads to create the web within the frame. We then used more 0.3mm wire to wire wrap one of our beautiful aqua blue chalcedony marquise shaped briolettes beads and attach it to the bottom of the frame to represent the feather.

Design Examples By Amoracast

Eternity Design Frame - Design Examples
Eternity Design Frame - Design Examples
Eternity Design Frame - Design Examples
Eternity Design Frame - Design Examples