We asked recent graduate Carly Hitchens how the environment has influenced her jewellery making?

Recent graduate of Truro College, Carly Hitchens, caused a stir at this summers degree show. We've asked her to share some insights into what inspires her jewellery designs, starting with how the environment has influenced her work:

Living and working in Cornwall it’s hard not to be inspired the beauty of the landscape that surrounds us. At the start of my Silversmithing and Jewellery Degree my work was largely based on the countryside, nature, sea and beaches, making jewellery that was organic, curved with free flowing lines.

As I moved forward in my degree my influences and inspirations started to change. I became more interested in looking in detail at Cornish Mining and Minerals, especially minerals. I was fascinated by the lines, angles and structures created within them. This was the point where my jewellery started to change. I started to look at the mathematical elements with the structure and as I am interested in architecture, these became the basis of my current designs.

For more information about Carly, visit her website: http://carlyhitchens.carbonmade.com/