What inspires you? Them Silver Seas

My inspiration is all about small encounters and journeys, whether that’s adventures or the journey of the seasons and landscapes. Watching the swifts return and fledge their young every year, a hare jumping out in front of my bike at sunset, the grain in a dry stone wall, Honeysuckle scent caught on a breeze, the constant motion (and my love) of the sea. I love making small scenes and things in miniature. Whatever I make there is usually a story behind it.

My favourite techniques really haven’t changed since I started making jewellery. Whilst I flirt with using enamels and heating titanium, it will always come back to the simplicity of my piercing saw and the sheet of metal because the possibilities are so endless. There is nothing like practicing for ages to cut a curve or a movement in a piece and then finally just getting it. That is a satisfying feeling.

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