Three Easy Makes For Mum

Mothers Day: Sunday 6th March - A day dedicated to thanking mothers for everything they do and we cant think of a better way to show some appreciation by hand making them something special.

To help you guys out we have come up with three easy jewellery making projects - each one makes a lovely and thoughtful gift perfect for Mothers Day. We have kept it simple so that anyone can make these no matter how much jewellery making experience. 

You will notice that in two of our makes we have used the idea of incorporating gemstones that are linked to the birthstones of you, your mum and other family members. If you are not sure on your birthstone we have a section on our website that tells you which stone is associated to which dates and all of the products we sell under each birthstone. It is called 'Shop By Birthstone'.

If you didn't want to use birthstones for these jewellery designs you can always just use your mums favourite colours or you could choose gemstones that have particular meanings that resinate with her. Either way, your time and effort into making any one of these designs adds that extra personal touch that can't be found in the shops!

Dainty Heart & Pearl Necklace

The first of our "Easy Makes For Mum" is a dainty chain necklace with two little cultured freshwater pearls and a Sterling Silver wire heart charm.

This is something that your mum can wear everyday, its simple, elegant and best of all sentimental.

We have used a short (40cm) Sterling Silver Mini Belcher Chain so that the necklace is a close fitting style that can be worn as part of a layering stack or on its on which would be as equally beautiful.

The classic pearls and simplicity of the silver used in this design makes the piece timeless and doesn't limit you to a certain style or colour scheme.

To make this look you will need a pair of Wire Cutters and a pair of Round Nose Pliers. These are great tools to have in your collection as they will enable you to make a whole array of designs.

For a full step by step guide on how to make this follow this link to our Make The Look section of our website.

Mother & Child Birthstone Ring

Our second "Easy Make For Mum" is a simple yet striking Silver Plated ring that incorporates yours and your mums birthstones.

This make is the simplest of the three but still looks really lovely, the ring is adjustable so there is no need to worry about what size to get.

This ring requires the Silver Plated Ring Setting, a pack of our Devcon glue and two 6mm cabochon stone in the relevant birthstones.

It is a great everyday ring with a simple yet sentimental and special message attached to it. A nice alternative to the friendship style necklaces. 

For a full step by step guide on how to make this follow this link to our Make The Look section of our website.


Our third "Easy Make For mum" is a great idea to involve everyone in your family, this chain bracelet can be decorated with the birthstones of any family member you wish to add - a great sentimental piece that any mum would be proud to wear.

To make this bracelet you will need to choose the birthstones you wish to include - they need to be 5mm round so that they fit within our super easy wraptite settings. For more information on how to set faceted gemstones in wraptite settings Click Here.

All you need to do is pop a stone into each setting, squeeze the setting tight and attach them to your bracelet chain with your jump rings.

For a full step by step guide on how to make this follow this link to ourMake The Look section of our website.

The great thing about this design is that you can add a new stone to it at any point should any new member join your family! You could also personalise it with a charm to represent a special occasion or anniversary - we have a large selection of Sterling silver charms that would look great on this make.