Learning new techniques and creating a story with jewellery

We love Natalie from Anne-Marie Jewellery's approach to jewellery making - she isn't afraid to try new techniques to create images and stories through her work. We were really glad that she wanted to share how she made her latest piece with you and hope that it will encourage you to try a new technique soon!

'Sunrise in the Woods' features an 8mm round moss agate cabochon and a 5mm round carnelian cabochon. Natalie explains how she made it: 

'This piece was made from 0.5mm and 0.8mm thick sterling silver sheet, the stag was hand drawn onto masking tape and stuck to the sheet to act as a guideline, I then pierced it out with a piercing saw and 6/0 saw blades. Next, I formed fine silver bezel strip around the stones, cut and soldered the join with hard solder to form the settings. I pierced the back piece out and sweat soldered the stag and handmade bezels on using medium solderflux and a gas torch. The bail is made from sterling silver tube and was soldered on with easy solder.

I finished the piece with liver of sulphur for oxidising and a small brass brush to bring out the detail. I then set the stones using a bezel rocker and burnisher to give the bezel around the stone a nice shiny finish.' 

For more information about Natalie, follow her page on Facebook: Anne-Marie Vintage & Bespoke Jewellery

If you would like a comprehensive guide to soldering, we recommend The Art of Soldering for Jewellery Makers. This book will take you through the fundamentals of soldering from understanding solder to fixing mistakes. It takes a look at essential tools and materials to create simple to elaborate jewellery pieces. It is suitable for the beginner jeweller who wants to learn more about soldering but it will also be a valued reference book for those who have advanced jeweller making skills.