Stone Setting - Your Guide

This week we've been thinking about stone setting and all the different options that are available and have created a new setting advice page for you! From starting out using ready made (and easy to set!) settings like snaptites and gallery wire settings, through to intermediate skills (where you have gained some confidence and perhaps some soldering skills too) using ready made bezel cups and pre-notched settings, to more advanced skills where you have a good range of tools, are used to soldering, sanding and polishing metal and have the confidence to experiment with different designs and make your own stone settings.

Making your own settings is not necessarily that difficult, but does require a few more tools and some soldering skills, we think the best way to learn is by experimenting and not being too worried about making mistakes as this is a great way to learn. Read through our guide, arm yourself with a good book on stone setting and have fun learning some new skills!