Making space

Our resident blogger Carly Hitchens gives us an insight into how she feels about her jewellery making workspace.

As a designer/maker your workspace is the area where the ideas, sketches and drawings finally start to materialize and come to life.

This is my own workspace. The area is small and airy, with my workbench facing the window. All the tools that I am currently using are easy to access, either on my workbench or stored away when for when needed. 

For me as a graduate, having my own workspace is vital for me to develop and progress forward as a designer. You need a balanced, relaxed space where you are able to be creative and enjoy making unquie pieces of jewellery.

Carly Hitchens

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Buying a jewellery making bench is a great way to create space for your jewellery making. They are compact, yet offer just the right amount of space and mean that you also have a designated space without having to clear everything away each time.

Jewellers benches are designed to be higher than table height to avoid you hunching over - the bench should be about chest height when you`re sat at it. An office chair is the ideal seat to use at your jewellers bench as it gives you more freedom over what height to sit at depending on the work you`re carrying out. We stock jewellery making benches in MDF and birchwood so that there is an option to suit your budget. The benches also have metal runners which you can buy a drawer for (there is a discounted rate if you buy the draw at the same time as the bench!). The bench will arrive part assembled with the worktop and side frames ready made, with instructions for you to put the pieces together in about 15 minutes! You can also paint, stain or varnish the bench if you wish (why not paint it to match your workshop or living room!).