Three useful pliers that will become essential!

We all have trusty, favourite tools that we like to use but here are some pliers that you may not have considered yet you will find them an essential addition to your tool kit!

If you are a keen wire-worker, then try double nylon jaw flat nose pliers. These are ideal for working with wire and findings as they will not damage, mark or scratch your wire. These pliers are particularly useful to straighten out wire too!

When making rings, ring bending pliers make the task effortless. One of the jaws has a half round cross section for curving and forming and the other jaw is flat which helps avoid marking the metal so you can gradually work your way around, bending and shaping it as you go until a complete ring shape is acheived.

Finally for stone setting, stone setting pliers are shaped and grooved so that they fit over the prongs on a setting to provide a fast, safe and controlled way to tighten most claw type mounts.