Jewellery Making Inspiration

Here at Kernowcraft we are always on the look out for jewellery making inspiration, especially when it comes to our 'Make The Look' section.

We want to make sure we stay on top of current trends, and well... what better way to do that than to keep an eye on those in the limelight.

So, lo and behold our all new 'Celebrity Spots' feature. We spot a celeb in a stunning piece of jewellery that can easily be recreated with our products,  we create a 'Make The Look' tutorial and we blog about it!  

Make The Look - Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio's Pearl Silver Necklace

This week we spotted Brazilian, Victoria's Secret, super model, come actress Alessandra Ambrosio, wearing a simple, elegant, Pearl silver necklace. 

The Pearl is a timeless classic, and whilst often associated with wedding jewellery, it can bring a touch of elegance to many everyday jewellery pieces - such as Alessandra's. It looks beautiful when worn long, layered with other chains or worn as a simple statement necklace.

In addition, it couldn't be simpler to make! Find out how here:

Alessandra Ambrosio is known for her often effortless style and was snapped last week in what was called "perfectly balanced casual wear", whilst out shopping. We think the pearl necklace is the perfect addition to an oversized top and skinny jeans. Its a great example of how beautiful pearls can be worn in a casual fashion. 

Pearls are very different to other gemstones because they are formed by living organisms. They form within the soft tissue layer of mollusks such as oysters and mussels and can vary in colour from white and cream to blue, yellow and lavender depending on the species of mollusk that produced it.

Pearls are thought to be a symbol of purity, power and chastity and were once associated with the moon.

If you like the simple bead on a chain look take a look our our selection of beads with large holes.

Or, if you prefer to put your beads on something different to a sterling silver chain, take a look at our selection of necklets and chains.

We also have a good selection of cottonleathersuede or silk cords that we think could certainly be experimented with for this look! 

Having the opportunity to choose which gemstone bead you wear really gives a personal and unique touch to your jewellery. All gemstones have their special properties and there is always one that will resonate with your personality.

This is also true for gift giving. What's better than giving a hand made gift with a meaning behind it.

Pearl is one of the birthstones of June, so perfect for those friends or family members who were born in this beautiful summer month. Shop our pearl collection here: 

Alessandra Ambrosio Image credit to Daily Mail Online Article: and FameFlynet for original photos.