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10 Things Every Jeweller Should Have

We've put together a list of 10 things that when making jewellery, we simply couldn't live without!

They'll not only make life a whole lot easier, but they'll contribute to a real high quality piece of jewellery.

Find the indispensable 10 listed below plus or top tips on using them. Please note, this list is in no particular order - we value them all equally!

Diamond Coated Bead Reamer Set

Gemstone beads are such a popular choice for so many designs, however due to the way they are drilled, the holes can sometimes be very tiny. It can be so frustrating when just a few of your beautiful beads don’t quite fit onto the thread or wire you have chosen. The bead reamer eliminates the need to rethink your choice of thread or change your design by enabling you to gently enlarge the holes in gemstone, glass or ceramic beads as well as pearls. Just a couple of gentle twists is all it usually takes to enlarge the hole.
Use with water to lubricate and make the process easier on the gemstone. 
To view the deluxe diamond coated bead reamer set click here.

Nylon Jawed Pliers

These professional quality pliers have double nylon jaws meaning they will not damage, mark, scratch or dent your wire!
These are a real blessing when straightening out wire and opening and closing larger jump rings.
They are a box jointed construction making them nice and easy to use.
To view our nylon jawed pliers click here.

Jewellery Polishing Papers

Polishing papers are a must have for all jewellery makers. These are excellent for creating a high sheen on your metal, especially if you don't have power tools for polishing. Use these soft papers after using sanding sheets to polish your metal by working through the colour grades. Check out our sample pack if you want to give it a test run first.

Soldering Block x2

Good quality, long lasting fire-proof soldering block which provides a safe surface on which to solder and keeps the heat exactly where you want it.
However, having two of these is the real revelation... use one as the base and use the second to create a little cave - break it up into three pieces and place them around the piece that you are firing to act like walls.
This helps to create an even heating environment . You can also use the broken pieces to help balance and support you work to get into different areas. 
Our soldering blocks have a multi-buy discount when buying two or more.
To view our soldering blocks click here.

Dremel 4000 With 45 Accessories

If you are serious about making jewellery (no matter what stage you are at), this is one tool you simply can't do without. 
This tool is the ultimate time saver. With the 45 accessories that our Dremel kit comes with, there are so many processes that can be done in a quarter of the time and to the highest of standards. Plus... having a Dremel also means you can use our amazing silicon polishers - these will give your jewellery the highest quality finish.
Despite its small size it is surprisingly powerful and offers numerous possibilities due to the multitude of accessories enabling detailed sanding, carving, engraving, cutting, grinding, cleaning and polishing.
To view the Dremel 4000 click here.

2x Gas Torches - One Big One Small 

Having two gas torches in different sizes is a decision you will certainly not regret.
We recommend having one smaller and one larger.
Our smaller jewellers gas torch has a small, easy to control flame, helping you to quickly and easily solder small pieces of metal.
Our GoSystem Tech Torch delivers a larger flame and therefore more heat, it is great for larger designs or with pieces that have thicker bits of metal.
With these two you've got all options and angles covered!
To view our gas torches click here.

Devcon Glue

Kernowcraft's most recommended and reliable glue. Super-fast drying, high strength and it sets clear!
This glue is excellent for filling gaps and ideal for setting stones in jewellery mounts. It bonds metal, gemstones, glass, ceramic, concrete and wood so it is useful for most crafts.
It's our go to in many situations, especially when we want that extra bit of security. 
To view our Devcon glue click here.

Pack Of Pliers and Wire Cutters

All the pliers and cutters you need in one place!
There is nothing more useful than having options when it comes to pliers and jewellery making - especially when it comes to wire work.
Each design requires something a little different and having a range of pliers to choose from is such a help in achieving the exact look you envisage. 
To view our pack of pliers and wire cutters click here.

Rawhide Mallet

The rawhide mallet is an absolute essential in the jewellery workshop as it is the very best mallet for shaping and forming metal without leaving hammer marks.
Use it for shaping and gently stretching wire and for forming metal shapes.
Conversely, it is also invaluable for forming textured metal shapes where hammering could spoil the surface.
To view the Rawhide Mallet click here

Stone Setting For Contemporary Jewellery Making - Book

Our go-to when looking for both help and inspiration when working with gemstones.
This book teaches you varied techniques, treatments, and innovations used in jewellery making - specifically stone setting.
Beautifully illustrated in a step-by-step guide and the skill levelled tutorials are supported by practical tips and advice. 
To view this book click here.

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