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The Power Of Boutique With Just Exquisite Jewellery

We chat to the team behind Just Exquisite Jewellery to find out more about their new website, which provides a platform for jewellery makers to sell their work. Jewellery making is a saturated market but there are certainly ways to break through the crowd - we hear the benefits of showcasing your work on a 'boutique' store which showcases a limited range of jewellers.

Tell us about Just Exquisite Jewellery and the inspiration behind it

We provide a different route for jewellers and a different online purchasing opportunity, with a boutique shopping experience - not a craft or jewellery marketplace or a single maker's website. 

As a jeweller, what are the benefits of showcasing their work on your site?

Jewellery makers do not have to compete against thousands of others on one site or rely on the few people, who will find their own website and shop.

What style of jewellery can we expect to see showcased on your website?

There are 8 jewellery makers on Just Exquisite Jewellery, with each designer having contrasting and complementary styles and pieces. Prices range from about £20 to £55, featuring ethical gold, silver, enamel, glass, stones, minerals etc.

What do you think are the main benefits of selling handmade jewellery online?

Selling online offers a wider choice than a high street retailer and attracts more potential customers, lower selling costs and accessibility. Selling online makes it easy to update stock, offer matching sets and gives you the opportunity to compare work to that of other makers.

What's your favourite thing about the jewellery making community?

The jewellery making community is massive. Possibly the largest artisan community. Mainly individuals, mainly women, all doing their own thing, using their incredible skills. It is a very friendly community. Makers love contact - perhaps because they usually work alone – hence they not only need, but love craft fairs and markets.

As a jeweller, how do I get my work featured with you?

Jewellery makers can contact us at any time, if they think their pieces will add something to the site. If we take them onto the site, we do everything for them - they do not even have to load their pieces onto the site!

What are your plans for Just Exquisite Jewellery in the future?

We intend to continue doing what we are doing now. We hope to grow a little but not to the extent of losing our Boutique style, or having competing or similar jewellery on the site. We will add some additional features such as ‘how to become a jewellery maker’ and expand our advice pages.

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