Easy to Make Gemstone Stacking Rings

Stacking rings, perfectly formed little beauties that you can mix and match. With ready made sterling silver bezel cups you don't need to worry about making tiny stone settings from scratch, which can be fiddly and time consuming. You can then create the ring itself using sterling silver wire or even a ready made ring. 

Our sterling silver plain edge bezel cups provide an easy way to set cabochons with a neat and professional finish. Simply solder the bezel cup to your design and your are ready to set your stone. Simply bezel the cup over the stone using a bezel rocker and burnisher until your stone is held securely in place.Experiment with making the band in sterling silver wire and choose from round, square or D-shape which you can then hammer or add marks to.Then choose your size of bezel cup and a cabochon in the corresponding size. Note that you will still need to check that the cabochon fits inside the bezel cup.

Tip: Either leave the cabochon in the plastic seal bag or lay a hair over the bezel cup to ensure it doesn't get stuck whilst you push the cabochon in check the size is correct. If it's too small simply run a burnisher around the inside of the bezel cup to widen it. If your bezel cup is too deep simply place a piece of wire around the inside edge of your bezel under your stone to raise it to a better height. Solder your bezel cup onto your ring band, for ease we like to use solder paste.

Tip: You can use binding wire to help hold the pieces together whilst you solder, or a third hand tool is a great trick.

Clean your piece by dropping it in pickle and then use a bezel rocker to push the silver against the stone gently. Use a curved burnisher to smooth the edges around the cabochon and ensure it is sitting in the bezel cup securely.

Polish your piece with polishing papers or sanding and polishing sticks and shine up with a jewellery polishing cloth to finish.