12 Days of Christmas Picture Challenge


We have hidden 12 pictures of Roxy, our little office dog in a Christmas hat within products around our website.

Using the following clues to help you, complete the competition form at the bottom of this page by listing each of the products that the pictures are hidden within. 

All forms with 12 correct products will be entered into a draw to win a Kernowcraft Hamper full of jewellery making supplies!

Challenge ends on the 23rd of December.

 *Note - all pictures of Roxy are additional images of a product. Therefore you must click into a product to see if there are any additional pictures and if one of them is Roxy! 
Good Luck.


*HINT - Singing these clues in the tune of the 12 days of Christmas song may help.

+ A bird charm in an oval ring.  

+ Crystal icicles hanging.

+ Rose pink gems.

+ For wrapping beads.

+ Clawed gold rings.

+ Salt Oysters forming.

+ Make metal shining.

+ Fine string for beading.

+ Helpful hand when soldering.

+ Assorted pack of findings.

+ Small silver piping.

+ Large pendant setting.

Simply fill out your details in the prompted boxes below. Within the 'Competition answer' box list the 12 products that you think the pictures of Roxy are hidden within - any order and either the product code or the product name will be fine.

All complete forms will be entered into a draw to win an exciting hamper full of jewellery making supplies. We will randomly select a winner and dispatch the hamper when we have returned from our Christmas break on January the 4th. 


A Sneak Peak At The Winning Hamper...