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Our Story

Our Company History

Here at Kernowcraft, we're very proud of our company history and our Cornish roots - It's even in our name: Kernow means 'Cornwall' in the Cornish language!

We try to stay true to our heritage to this day, with many of our staff's interests and jewellery making inspirations involving the Cornish coastline. 

Follow our timeline below of an incredible fifty years of Kernowcraft and providing jewellery making supplies to jewellers across the world...

Today everyone at Kernowcraft continues to bring you the latest top quality jewellery making supplies and the most beautiful gemstones. 

All of our products are carefully chosen by our buyer and Managing Director to offer you the best quality products possible.

The Kernowcraft team are jewellery makers so they understand your needs and means you will always be able to speak to someone for knowledgeable advice. We continue to work really hard as a team to provide you with the friendly, fast and efficient service.

We look forward to continuing to grow with our customers... here's to an exciting future!